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Powermatic 719T 1 HP Tilt Table Mortise

The Powermatic 719T Mortiser brings the accuracy, durability and flexibility your shop needs.

The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser is designed to help you cut extremely accurate mortises in a wide range of woods and project designs and to reduce setup time and effort. The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser has been designed and built to extend its value by maintaining its performance for many years under the demands of even busy woodworking shops.

The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser is built around several heavy-duty iron castings for accuracy and repeatability not to mention long-term durability. Precision machining insures accuracy and smooth operation. The liberal use of cast iron gives the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser (with enclosed stand) a stabilizing mass of 311 pounds.

The massive powerhead casting slides on oversized dovetail keyways that feature easy to use gib screw adjusters that allow the user to compensate for tiny amounts of wear should that occur in years to come. We also incorporated gib screw adjusters into the X ”Y material table motions to provide ultimate control over feel and long-term accuracy.

Base Cabinet

The all-steel base cabinet provides an exceptionally stable platform but includes a large, enclosed storage area as well.

The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser is mounted atop an all-steel, enclosed base cabinet. The cabinet is 14" wide, 16" deep, 25" tall and features an internal storage area for chisels, related tools and accessories. The base cabinet puts the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser table surface at a comfortable 32" height (0-degree tilt angle) above the floor. The overall height of the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser on its base cabinet is 61".

If moving the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser around your shop is necessary, placing it in one of our universal mobile bases provides that capability. The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser can then be easily moved to the most efficient workspace that is available.

Power and Construction

The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser is equipped with a 1HP, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor that delivers smooth, consistent power. The motor comes wired for 110V (11 amp) operation but can be converted to use 230V (5.5 amp) electrical power. The motor produces a (direct drive) spindle speed of 1725 rpm and is controlled by an industrial style push button on/off switch, mounted on the powerhead for fast, easy access.

The rack and pinion drive combined with the 24" long steel operating arm and positionable hub make it easy to use the most comfortable stroke for the job at hand.

The powerhead has a full 6" stroke (Z-axis) controlled by a rack and pinion drive system that is as durable as it is precise. A 24" long, solid steel operating arm affords the leverage necessary to cut even large numbers of mortises in the toughest of materials with ease. The arm attaches to the pinion shaft using a positionable hub so the arm can be set for the most comfortable stroke regardless of material thickness.

A tool-free depth stop rod is built into the powerhead casting. Because the depth stop is located close to the line of force, deflection of the bit when the stop rod contacts its seat is virtually eliminated. This means a higher level of accuracy, cleaner mortises and extended bit/chisel lives.

The column that supports the powerhead was designed to accommodate material approximately 5" tall below the ¼ bit with the table tilted fully to 35-degrees! That dimension will change slightly depending on the length of the bit that is installed. That means you get the convenience of the tilting table without sacrificing capacity!

A pair of chuck access doors and the provided extended chuck key makes auger bit changes fast and easy. A chuck extender is included for using short-shanked chisels.

Easy Bit Changes

A pair of hinged doors, one on either side of the powerhead provides easy access to the high quality 1/2" capacity, key-operated, 3-jaw chuck. An extended chuck key is included that makes installing or removing the auger bits fast and easy. The chuck is designed to be compatible with the common long-shank auger bits. However, a chuck extender is included that allows using short shanked auger bits.

The entire table tilts up to 35-degrees in addition to the X/Y movements to make even complicated mortises easy to produce.

The powerhead housing below the chuck is bored to accept special (included) bushings that accommodate chisels with 5/8", 3/4", and 1 1/8" diameter shanks. These bushings are compatible with our JET auger/chisel sets in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" sizes. JET auger/chisel sets in the above sizes are available individually or in a set.

Versatile Work Table

The Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser features a large 20" wide by 7" deep cast iron worktable with a 3 1/2" tall iron fence at the rear. A pre-cut and drilled MDF table surface board is included that protects your bits when drilling through mortises.

The worktable has built in X (side to side) and Y (front to back) movement functions that eliminate having to buy an X-Y vise. Movement of the table in the X and Y-axis are individually controlled by 5" diameter handwheels, each with a spinner knob that speeds large changes. Tool-free adjustable stops on the X-axis makes cutting multiple mortises of the same size easy and accurate. We also include a fully adjustable work stop that attaches to the top of the fence from either side to make initial positioning of the material quick and repeatable.

Large 5" diameter handwheels control table movement along tried and true dovetail-shaped keyways. Gib screw adjusters on all sliding parts allow the user to adjust out wear that may occur in years to come to maintain accuracy.

The tilt function of the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser makes cutting angled mortises easier than ever. Because the entire table surface tilts on a single hinge point, setups are fast and easy. A handy easy to read scale on the front of the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser makes setting precise tilt angles easy. Also, all other table features remain functional including the X/Y-axis movements and material table stops. Whether you need one or dozens of mortises, the job will go faster and more accurately with the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser.

Because the table tilts rather than the considerable weight of the entire head assembly, the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser remains very stable. Also, the operating handle motion remains straight rather than tilting with the head assembly. This makes controlling the plunge motion much easier and far more accurate.

The fully adjustable work stop (left) can be installed on either end of the table. The material clamp features Quick Adjust threads that let you slide the clamp face against the material and then turn the handle to secure it. The clamp can also be pivoted to make securing odd-shaped pieces much easier.

The worktable has a total movement of 16" on the X-axis (left to right), 4" on the Y axis (front to back) and a tilt range of 0 to 35-degrees. That means that most mortise jobs can be clamped in place after initial positioning and all further adjustments done with table movements. That is a huge time saver, along with a boon to accuracy. The table movement gives the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser a maximum chisel center to fence clearance of 4".

To hold the stock securely while mortising we added a heavy-duty screw clamp with an oversized 2 5/8" tall by 8" long cast iron face. That face also has a pair of pre-drilled screw holes that make attaching auxiliary faces or shop-built jigs simple. The clamp is mounted directly to the table with a special pivoting mount. Being able to pivot the clamp simplifies securing many angled or oddly shaped work pieces.

Auger/Chisel Sets

Because so many woodworkers use one or two chisel sizes for their projects, we do not include a set with the Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser that would contain unused pieces and increase the price unnecessarily. JET auger/chisel sets are available individually in 1/4" (#6285526), 5/16" (#6285527), 3/8" (#6285528) and 1/2" (#6285529).

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