Dewalt DW080LGS 20V MAX Tool Connect Green Tough Rotary Laser

Model: dewndw080lgs
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Dewalt DW080LGS 20V MAX Tool Connect Green Tough Rotary Laser Model: dewndw080lgs
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Product Features & specs :

Dewalt DW080LGS 20V MAX Tool Connect Green Tough Rotary Laser

With an IP67 debris/water resistance rating, 2-meter drop protection, and a highly-visible green beam, the 20V MAX Tool Connect Green Beam Rotary Tough laser equips users to work in the toughest conditions. Connect this rotary to our Tool Connect app to track the device, and receive bump, fall, and drop indications, as well as slope and line direction.
  • Accuracy of 1/16 in. at 100 ft.
  • Class 3 Laser Product, < 5mW Power Output, Wavelength 510-530
  • Connect to the DEWALT Tool Connect App via Bluetooth technology. Features include tool tracking, bump notifications, fall and drop indications, and changes in slope and line direction
  • 2000 ft. range
  • Dual axis slope mode for added functionality
  • Scan mode of 15/45/90 degrees
  • IP67 rated with a 2-meter drop for jobsite durability
  • Up and down plumb dots
What’s Included:
  • Rotary Laser
  • Detector
  • TSTAK Storage Case
  • 5/8 in. Bracket Adapter
  • 20V MAX Battery
  • 20V MAX Charger
  • Enhancement glassess
  • Target Card
  • Ceiling and Detector Bracket
  • 5/8 in. Tripod Adapter
2 lbs.
Accuracy Margin (Horizontal)
+/- 1/16 in
Accuracy Margin Distance (Horizontal)
100 ft
Batteries Included
Battery Amp Hour
2 Ah
Battery System
Battery Type
Bluetooth Compatibility
CSA Safety
Case Included
Case Type
Charger Included
Effective Receiver Range (Diameter)
2000 ft
Laser Class
Class IEC 3R
Laser Color
Laser Diode
630 - 680 nm
Leveling Function
Output Power
< 5 mW
Power Source
Speed Settings
UL Safety
Wifi compatibility

Reviews :

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Can’t get one that works
This is the third one that I have got back from New Jersey repair place that the Y and X slope for grade and on its side for grid lines still doesn’t work.
With the people at dewalt factory service center in Farmingdale tell me that it works fine when none of the button work at all, it’s basically a pricy line laser.
It’s certainly back at the New Jersey repair shop and can’t get anybody to give me any answers at all, this is the 5th time I have been told that they would call me back.
Every tool I have is dewalt and this laser has made me want to switch brands entirely
March 4, 2019
Originally posted at
"2000' Bluetooth Green laser"
I purchased the Dewalt DW080LGS. This is a self leveling laser, setup couldn't be easier. With Dewalt Tool Connect App, installed on your phone, you can control any part of the laser. Also if the laser gets bumped or stolen you will get a notice on your phone. Enough about the connectivity. This Green laser is awsome, It has 4 speeds 150, 300, 600 and 1200. 600 being the optimal speed. Also it has a scan mode 0, 15, 45, and 90 degrees and a slope mode to 5 degrees. It comes with its on remote and the detector for long distances which is bluetooth also. Powered by dewalts 20 volt battery, and all in a T-stack This is a valuable tool, great for foundations and any construction job.
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November 12, 2018
Originally posted at
So Easy to Use
This Rotary laser I'm still learning, but so far it is so simple to use. With what I've done so far, which is draw different types need lines on my ancient wall, definitely no real need for the regular 6'leveler now. My favorite feature is how you can thicken your lines or make your lines very thin if you like. Playing around with the laser, the beam is so visible; I took it out side when it was very sunny for when I do my future outside landscaping DIY projects. This Rotary Laser is so advanced but yet so simple to use and understand the instructions.
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November 12, 2018
Originally posted at
Extremely functional.
Tool Connect makes this laser a top notch rotary in the market. With the ability to control the laser from 1100' away, and the optional drop / disturbance notifications this laser's usefulness knows no bounds. Also an option is the ability to input slope percentage and adjust x and y axis from the tool connect app as well! All that, and he laser is accurate to a 1/16" of an inch at 1000'. It's impressive. The new detector also has a rear display so you can see the laser elevation without blocking the detector!
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November 8, 2018
Originally posted at
Awesome laser
Laser and the way they bundled everything in the Tstak system is nice, has slotted foam inserts to keep the laser and accessories from banging around. The green glasses that comes in the kit came scratched due to bad positioning in the case. Laser is very powerful with lots of otptions, the instructions it comes with are complex to understand but playing around with the tool is easy once you get a hang of it. Can’t go wrong with Dewalt!!
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November 8, 2018
Originally posted at
Bluetooth laser works great
It is important you take your time to read manual and practice using laser before bringing it to the field. After some trial and error in my garage I was able to bring it to the job site and get it up and running without problems. This laser in very sensitive . I found best to use Bluetooth app or remote to adjust its setting rather than using buttons on laser. If your familiar with similar laser you will find this laser works perfect. My only complaint is it doesn’t seem to like the cold. If your going to be using it in the cold, warm it up in your truck before setting it up. This worked for me. Instruction manual is little vague and hard to understand but it serves it’s purpose. Could be little more detailed. Just make sure you set it up and practice using it before you bring it to the field, this will save you some potential confusion if you plan on using some of the advanced features.
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November 4, 2018
Originally posted at
Green Rotary Laser
This thing is amazing. There are a lot of gadgets and features included...check out the description and pics closely. Also comes in a nice case that holds all pieces and works with TSTAK systems. Includes 20V max battery and charger that are also interchangeable with other tools. I only wish it also included a tripod for the price. Probably best suited for larger outdoor jobs, however I have only used indoors so far. Has worked flawlessly for my indoor jobs...bright green laser, accurate out of box, and easy to setup and use. I don't think you will find a better one on the market.
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November 2, 2018
Originally posted at
Very Impressed
I've had this laser for a few weeks now and I've tried to find something negative to say about it but I can't. DeWalt really got it right with this one. I've used it several times and have to say it's now one of my favorite tools. It has a lot of great features vs basic rotary lasers. I like the remote, I like the fact that they made it all fit into one of their TSTAK boxes (everything has its own place with foam dividers, and I love that it runs on the 20v batteries. No more dead battery problems since we have dozens of batteries for our 20v tools. I can't say enough about this one, very nice product. Not the cheapest tool out there but when it holds up to daily use, like my other DeWalt tools, it's worth it.
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November 2, 2018
Originally posted at
Everything you need!!
I have used this laser for the last week digging a 6 acres pond let me say it’s the best out!!! This laser has every option adjustment mounting options I have seen. From the case it comes in and all the accessories they definitely put their all into it. The tool connect works very well to adjust laser from up to 2000’ feet away, and the laser receiver had no problem catching the beam from end to end of the pond. I would definitely recommend this as the goto laser for any larger projects as week as smaller ones like drop ceilings and framing as the mounts are included to do so. Great job on this one Dewalt!!!
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October 31, 2018
Originally posted at
DeWalt 360 Degree Rotary Laser Level
DeWalt WD080LGS 20 volt 360 degree self leveling laser.
The unit comes in a great DeWalt T Stack plastic utility box with strong metal closing clamps. It nests with the other DeWalt box system for stacking and wheeled transport to the job site. The whole package is about 13 Lbs. The inside is well padded with foam interior cut specifically for the instrument and small accessories. The box itself is water proof but the closing surface has an inner lip but no gasket. It is feasible that water could make its way in. The Laser as well as the laser receiver and remote control are water proof- repellant for outdoor use in weather. A word of caution from experience; If any light moisture is present after use, I would absolutely secure the open case and tool in a dry location and let the moisture evaporate. I closed a case on a device with a small amount of moisture on it and stored it. It cost an expensive tool overhaul. Moisture has a way of penetrating and of course there are mold possibilities in a confined space. Let it air out. Nice package set up.
The laser weighs roughly 4 to 5 Lbs. bare. The tripod mounting thread standard is female 5/8” x 11. That is 1 of 2 standard tripod threads. The other one is ¼” x 20 and used for light interments, cameras etc.. Most tripods around seem to be ¼ x 20 mounts and are light duty for lighter equipment. Female ¼ x 20 to male 5/8 x 11 adapters are available on the net and are inexpensive. I would not recommend using a light weight tripod with this because of the weight and losing one feature of the laser. That would be the red vertical spot beam from the unit to the floor. (The beam from the unit upwards is green. The laser has to have a hollow 5/8 x 11 mounting stud as the beam broadcasts right through the centerline. This beam replaces the plumb bob method of centering. DeWalt makes two HD tripods which I have not seen. A query to a board answered by DeWalt said the HD 5/8” tripods (specifically DWO736) have a screw-in hook for the plumb bob that is removable and provides a path for the lower vertical laser beam.
I am considering the DWO 736 5/8 x 11 HD tripod, flat surface mount (it is classed heavier than the DW 737 tripod) and the DWO 734 13’ construction grade rod, aluminum and collapsible. I have not ordered these as yet but am about too. These accessories should have been covered in the instruction book.
The laser itself is well built with bump handling rails top and bottom. This unit is a green laser but throws a red laser beam from the bottom side. If you use it sideways you will have a green spot as well as a red spot on the opposite horizontal sides. It throws the 360 beam horizontally or vertically by changing the mount position. It is self leveling with a warning tone if alignment is out.
The package comes with a 2Ah 20 volt battery. Some advertising stated this 2Ah battery is good for about 17 hours of use. It also comes with a 20V charger. The Bluetooth remote control uses 2 AAA batteries. It also has a common coin type battery (3volt CR2430) in the base that needs to be activated in the initial set-up. Spare batteries are a good idea to carry. The coin battery works the remote function Bluetooth system. It also comes with a laser receiver to utilize the 2,000’ advertised range. This unit is rechargeable via a supplied USB cord so you need a USB plug source to recharge should it need it in the field. Lots of newer vehicles have USB ports built in. It also has a substantial adjustable L bracket for vertical wall mounting. One laser magnetic target card is included. One solid laser receiver clamping bracket to attach the receiver to a grading rod is included. This should work fine on any available grade rod. A pair of green safety glasses are also included. These are to enhance the laser visibility or reflected contrast and I don’t believe they offer any laser eye protection from direct viewing. The direct laser light is harmful to the eyes. Two triangle sliding mount flat boards come with it that have the 5/8” x 11 female receiving bushing. The laser unit has two mounting positions to switch the rotary beam from horizontal to vertical. Already mentioned is the great fitted case. This is important to me as my tool will live most of it’s life in a knock about environment and in storage and transport is where any damage is most likely to occur.
Instructions, safety and warranty booklets are included of course. The instruction manual is really hard to read. Very small print is my issue. The warranty book is more readable. Fortunately most operations with it are intuitive and with a few uses one should have it down. I use a 1 gallon size Zip Lock plastic bag to keep the booklets in good shape and the spare batteries I carry. It would be great if DeWalt supplied or made available English operation instructions in a readable laminated card(s) to travel with the tool.
Read the instruction manual on initial set up. You should qualify the initial calibration as explained and periodically to qualify the tool accuracy. Overall it is easy to set up.
I have used it on four jobs so far and it is very good and its operation is intuitive. (A dropped ceiling layout, a larger concrete slab for slope, a long survey line for a fencing layout on a slight slope, and laying out a deck on a slope). Overall it is a very nice package, handy very useful and accurate. I have used it out to about 600+ feet utilizing the laser receiver. It works very well and has many applications.
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October 31, 2018
Originally posted at

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Why is the price of this unit jumping around so much. It was $1,100 then $1,999, then $1,300, now it back to $1,999. Will it go back down to $1,100 again?
A shopper on Dec 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The prices will change when the item is running a promotion. The promotion ended and the price went back to the original price. The manufacturer may run another promotion around Christmas.