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About Transfer Switches

A standby generator is the muscle that delivers on-demand power when needed, but the brain behind the brawn is the transfer switch. The transfer switch enables you to safely connect your standby generator to your home circuit panel. It constantly monitors the incoming utility power.

When the transfer switch detects a power outage it automatically activates your standby Generac generator and provides a seamless source of electricity. As the utility power comes back online, the transfer switch shuts off your standby generator worry-free. Options are available that enable you to back-up preferred circuits such as lighting or refrigeration and units that cover every electrical utility in your home. Generac also offers pre-packaged units that include a generator paired with a transfer switch to ensure savings, ease of purchase and compatibility.

Generac manufactures their own transfer switches so you can rest assured they are compatible and reliable for any situation. Whether it's essential circuit coverage, load shedding or complete whole house coverage, there is a Generac transfer switch for your application. Read below for a brief explanation of the transfer switches Generac offers.

RTS Automatic Transfer Switch

Available from 100-400 Amps covering both single and 3 phase the RTS Automatic Transfer Switch is the perfect complement to a Generac standby power generator up to 60kW. A outdoor rated (NEMA 3R) enclosure is standard. The RTS series will integrate with the R Series digital controller. Shop RTS Automatic Transfer Switch »

EZ Switches

Generac’s EZ Switch is an automatic transfer switch and distributed load center that backs up selected circuits for essential circuit coverage. Pre-wired for the easiest and least expensive installation on the market, they are an excellent value when whole house coverage is unnecessary. Shop EZ Switch »

Nexus LTS

The Nexus LTS is designed to allow for the most efficient use of the generator by monitoring and managing the backed up essential and non-essential circuits. If the generator approaches overload condition, the non-essential circuits are cycled off, allowing essential circuits to remain powered. It features a built-in, 16-circuit priority load center, a main connector that protects the essential circuits and a secondary connector that protects non-essential circuits. Shop Nexus LTS »

GenReady Load Center

New home construction or renovations with electrical upgrades are the ideal time to install Generac’s GenReady Load Center. Because it's a hybrid electrical distribution panel combined with the transfer switch, you will enjoy substantial savings on installation and a simplified generator system. The advanced engineering of the GenReady Load Center replaces the home’s main circuit panel and incorporates the automatic transfer switch, in the form of the EZ Transfer Operator, with the emergency panel. All power switching is handled within one unit, so it becomes a hybrid circuit panel capable of separating out only the electrical circuits chosen to be covered during a power outage. Shop GenReady Load Center »

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